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The ULTIMATE Africa Packing List Guide

Heading to Africa for the first time? Feeling stressed about what to pack? Read on to find out what you should bring PLUS our favorite items to take on visits to Africa!

To Move or Not to Move? Ask Yourself THIS Before Moving to Africa

So you want to move to the African continent? Time for a little introspection!

Reclaiming Your Wakanda: 5 Ways To Move To An African Country

Tangerine sunsets, bustling innovation, and evening chit chats amidst a cool African breeze. You can have all this and more if you move to the African continent



What To Do During Your Gap Year

Pull out your notepad. We’re spilling the beans on what to do during your gap year! 

8 Top Universities in South Africa for International Students

South Africa study abroad programs are one of the newest, but hottest ways to do international study. 

8 Internships in Africa That Are Worth Your Time, Money, & Energy

How does a sprinkling of excitement with a dash of African travel on your resume sound? If you’re ready for a taste, apply to an internship in Africa!

The Who, What, Where, & Why of Study Abroad in Africa

Afrobeat music. Powerful lectures. And afternoons visiting epic African heritage sites. Are you a student feeling pulled to life on the African continent? Follow that voice because when Africa calls you don’t ignore her! 

A Guide to A Gap Year in Italy

“Parting is such sweet sorrow that I shall say goodnight till it be morrow.” Remember studying Shakespeare in high school lit class? Now imagine visiting Juliet’s home in real time. Do a gap year in Italy and you can actually make it happen!

Life As A Black American in Africa is No Utopia

I often hear African Americans talk of moving “back to Africa”. I listen to their romantic expectations. But I know continental life is no utopia.

A Guide to a Gap Year in Egypt

Picture yourself drifting down the river Nile or riding camelback under the warm haze of a Sahara sunset...

Traveling to Africa for the First Time as an African American

...I just wanted to get off of that plane and be enveloped in the South African outdoors. To smell it. To feel it. To study the faces of these familiar but long lost cousins.

12 Best Africa Volunteer Programs 2018-2019

Baobab trees, stunning topography, and enough cultural diversity to make your head spin! #ThisIsAfrica

Help Me Plan My Gap Year Pretty Please!

Whizzing down the slopes of the Alps... snorkeling through the waters off Indonesia… You’ve decided that taking a gap year in some far out locale is the fix your life needs. And while you’re wired about time off overseas, you’re feeling fuzzy about actually planning a gap year... 

Who I Am

I’ve mingled with the modern, danced with the traditional, and dipped into the unknown.

A Guide to A Gap Year in Nepal

Snow-capped mountains, jungle safaris, and getting your zen on in world renowned spirituality centers. A gap year in Nepal will take you from the highs of the Himalayas to the floors of hot yoga studios in Kathmandu...

Keep Calm! How Raising My Infant in Namibia Forced Me to Relax

American ideals of parenthood turned me into a ball of nerves as a first time parent. Yet, beautiful Namibia gave me no choice but to relax into motherhood on the African continent.

Why Take A Gap Year?

Have you been wondering if gap years really live up to all the hype? Feeling a little fuzzy about exactly what the advantages of taking gap year are? Sounds like you need a little pep talk before you spend your coins on world travel. 

How To Turn An Africa Volunteer Position Into A Career Abroad

Thinking about volunteering abroad in Africa but unsure of what it will mean for your professional future? Here’s how to parlay a volunteering position into an official job. 

Love Fleets

Us, was only meant to blossom for one season. 

And so I accepted, dreaming of a new summer.

The Ultimate Guide to Volunteer in Africa

This is a continent brimming with untapped potential. Are you ready to make a sustainable impact through service trips to Africa? 

Confronting White Privilege As A Black Expat In Namibia

WHEN I FIRST MOVED TO NAMIBIA I was a twenty-six-year-old in escape mode.

I was just on the heels of...

How To (Almost) Volunteer In Africa For Free

Read on for our secrets on how to volunteer in Africa at an affordable cost. 



The Power Of Goal Setting The SMART Way

Use the SMART goal setting technique to organize and develop a strategy for attaining them. 

african american in africa  Photo: Evenfh/Shutterstock.com

african american in africa
Photo: Evenfh/Shutterstock.com

7 Cultural Festivals You Don't Want to Miss in Mozambique

Mozambique is so much more than her balmy beaches and serene lakes. Read on to discover seven cultural festivals you don’t want to miss in Mozambique. 

Marrying Into My Husband's Tribe & Learning To Honor My True Self

For this American, marrying into a Namibian tribe was a lesson in immersion and defiance. 

What I Wish I Knew Before Teaching Abroad in Namibia, Africa

There’s so much I didn’t know beforehand about teaching abroad in Namibia. Some of it is tough to admit! Here’s what I wish I’d known.

How To Cover Your Gap Year Cost

Let’s hash out some ways to fatten your wallet and learn how to cover the cost of a gap year!

Nothing Will Ever Be The Same

What I’ve known to be familiar has been uprooted and twisted… twisted like the bark of the baobab tree I so love… 

Taking Gap Year Journalism Abroad

If news coverage and storytelling lights a spark in your soul and you’re ready to globalize your skills, what better way to develop your career than by doing a gap year journalism program?