Kaylan reid shipanga, writer & editor

Kaylan reid shipanga, writer & editor

Why hello there!

I'm Kaylan, an American freelance writer and editor based in the southern African nation of Namibia. I started out as a broadcast journalist and TV producer in the Washington DC metro area. However, writing about my expatriate life in the Caribbean and Africa led to a career as a full-time professional freelance writer and editor. 

At Sutton Travel Creative, I provide uniquely insightful, thoroughly researched SEO optimized content that will have readers clamoring to your website! I write everything from travel guides and international education resources to cultural adjustment and parenting tips, and so much more. 

Need some editing or voiceover work done? I've got you covered there too! Just hop on over to the Services page for all the details. 

Oh! Thinking about taking a trip to Africa sometime soon? I'm the Founding Editor of African American In Africa, the globally recognized online hub for all things Black travel and expat life in Africa. So, if African travel is on your horizon, take a swing on over to that site too! 

Curious about my life abroad in Namibia? Follow my excursions on Youtube! And, don't forget to check out my writing portfolio for samples of my work around the web.

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